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TA Logistics – Who We Are

Although TA Logistics is its own entity, related companies include TransAm Trucking and TAFS, Inc. Founded in 1987, TransAm Trucking earned its status as the premier carrier in the temperature-controlled freight industry by providing an exceptional customer service experience. Initially started with 70 tractors and 100 trailers, TransAm has expanded to over 1,000 tractors and 1,900 trailers with its corporate headquarters in Olathe, Kansas.

The vision to become a premier transportation solutions provider enabled us to grow past our roots in trucking and invest in helping the driving community excel and grow. In 2007, TAFS opened its doors. A sister company to TransAm Trucking. TAFS provides financing (a.k.a. factoring) to trucking companies who convert their accounts receivables into cash by selling their invoices to TAFS. This steady cash flow helps fund our critical business partner’s growth by providing working capital for expenses such as payroll, fuel, insurance, and maintenance.

This investment back into the industry by providing funds to growing carriers went hand in hand with the vision of the company to provide outstanding customer solutions to our truckload shippers. TA Logistics provides multi-modal solutions to shippers as well as freight opportunities for reliable partner carriers who are growing their business.

TA Logistics was founded within the walls of TransAm Trucking and understands the commitment it takes to successfully serve the shipping community. It also understands life on the road and the sacrifices the driving community makes on a daily basis. Trucking is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people. TA Logistics empowers our partner carrier and shipper communities by providing excellent customer service, innovative technology and decades of industry experience.


TA Logistics Difference

Not all transportation brokers are the same. TA Logistics works to make sure you notice the difference. As an asset-backed logistics provider, TA Logistics was born from a trucking company. We understand the value of the truck and the driver behind the wheel. Our vision is that each load will be delivered. Period. On time and satisfactory to your expectations.